What happened to my monthly music?

I’ve stopped composing for my monthly original music emails. But don’t worry, you will continue to get the rest of the music I’ve produced and placed on this feed.

I’ve switched to a new email provider and that has allowed me to organize my music feed and send it out with much greater frequency.

Throughout these past three and a half years of producing this music, I needed a month in between each piece to provide me with the time to write the music.

But now that the music is all written, I’ll package it as three pieces to an email and send you an email each week for the next 15 weeks.

Why change from one per month? Because my new email provider can’t transfer over my 50 emails along with the knowledge of who’s in the queue and where. So I will create 15 different email sequences and put the right subscribers into each of those sequences. (Switching email providers is not for the lazy!)

My new email newsletter

In place of the music feed, starting today, I’m going to broadcast an email every two weeks to subscribers. Call it a newsletter. Call it a short list of cool stuff that I think you’ll be interested in. Please let me know when and if I ever miss the mark in order to make this worthwhile to you. The newsletter might include links to music I recently wrote, a video, blog post, or another link that I think you might like.

Crafting my odd musical mashup is still the most fun I have with music. I enjoy the lack of limits and the absence of creative dictates. I can honestly and best express myself through the fascinating (and sometimes frustrating) mechanism of synth, sampling, and bone playing.

But I have new projects that, for the moment, take precedence. My three to five-minute productions take weeks from concept to mastering, and I no longer wish to dedicate that amount of time and energy.

I’m always creating, however, so when I happen to create something more interesting than a TV or film cue, I’ll include it in my newsletter as I did with the one included in this newsletter. Listen to Andromeda Lullaby

I’ve been focused lately on video. My YouTube channel is building into what I hope is becoming a fun resource for musicians wanting to play better. I know that a lot of people are like me in that they learn best from the visual of a video. I go to great lengths to illustrate a point, as demonstrated by my video on eliminating the musical resistance of your instrument. Watch that here.

Enjoy my new communication to you and please let me know what I can do to better address your musical pains, fears, and/or needs.