What aspect of music inspires you the most?

The second question I am being asked for the book research mentioned in an earlier post is:

From creation to performance, organized compositions to improvisation, there is so much variety, richness and depth to music. What aspect inspires you the most?

If I were to choose one, it would be improvisation. That is a key attribute of jazz as well as latin and other styles, and it is a skill I have worked all my life to develop. It may be a chicken and egg thing, but my personality seems well suited to improvisation. I am comfortable diving into something and figuring it out as I go. The more rigid a particular piece of music is, or the directions I must follow, the less interesting I find it. The best musical experiences of my life centered around jam sessions or venues in which I was called upon to improvise. For example, I could never be a good classical musician. I also hated playing broadway shows – every night being the exact same thing.

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