Vignettes by Richard Fote

Fote Vignettes coverI recently bought the book of 28 Vignettes for trombone off Bob McChesney’s site. He provides some great demos being played by the likes of himself, Bill Watrous, Dick Nash and others.

I think this is a terrific collection. You get a wide variety of styles – both in swing and straight, stuff you can sight read and others that will take some shedding.

I recorded on of the swing tunes. Vignette #3. I took some liberty with the tempo and added my own drummer, but other than that, it’s exactly as written.





Play Vignette #3:


Now go to Bob McChesney’s site and get the book!

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  1. MARCIO MARTINS RODRIGUES on October 29, 2017 at 7:32 am

    Muito bom!!!

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