A lesser know tool for helping you play more in tune

I just created a new video on intonation. My original intention was to create one video covering three areas from which the music files within my books can be used. A reader of my last post suggested that instead of one video on all three areas I should create three separate videos.

That made sense, so I produced the first of the three on improving intonation.

The theme of the video is that your ears are your best guide to intonation. Now, that may sound simplistic and obvious, but I am proposing that your tuning meter app on your phone is not very helpful in building your ear for intonation. In fact it can do the opposite. To understand exactly why, watch the video.

Instead of a tuner, I am suggesting that the music with which you play is your guide. In order to practice hearing intonation from the surrounding notes or chords, the audio files within my book provide you with an ideal practice tool. These audio files range in key, tempo, and feel and provide a fun way to practice your intonation. To watch and hear me demonstrate how to best use them, check out the video.

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