Trombone humor

I recently ran across a fun little book of trombone humor called Le Trombone. It’s available on Amazon if you wish to add 47 pages of material to your repertoire of trombone jokes.

The preface dedicates the pages that follow to the silence one might encounter after the following conversation we’ve all had too often:

Le Trombone 3



When I first opened the book and read the following page, I took this seriously. Look at the description of the alto trombone (it might be the one serious part of the book!)

Le Trombone 1



There’s plenty of deprecating humor to go around. I’ll leave you with this take on the music of classical trombonists:

Le Trombone 2

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  1. Ted on February 16, 2018 at 8:42 pm

    One of my favorites.
    Did you see the new date book for trombonist?….Career at a Glance….

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