The new CD is in production!

Well, I have finally begun recording my new CD.

In one regard, I guess you could call it “Roads Even Less Traveled” since it puts the alto trombone in a context that, to my knowledge, has really never been explored. Rather than being jazz-oriented with walking bass and swing phrasing, its foundation is electronic sounds and beats.

The primary instrument is still alto trombone, using it as the solo voice and stacked for a ensemble effect as with Roads Less Traveled. As I write and record, I am striking what I believe is an ideal balance between the precision of the “machine” and the organic feel of the trombone. I think that marriage will produce some emotionally satisfying and thought-provoking music.

Improvisation is a driving force throughout, even to the point that much of the music itself is being recorded as improvised building blocks, again adding to the organic feel for which I am striving. In fact, I could probably transplant most of the trombone improvisation into a jazz setting and end up with a natural-sounding result.

Gerry Pagano will have a role in this, and I look forward to again getting him up to my Arizona studio to lay down tracks, drink some beer and hike the nearby mountains (not in that order).

I want to write this blog throughout the process in order to keep fans updated and to create a diary of sorts on my journey. I’ll occasionally send out samples to my mailing list, so if you would like to get on that list, complete the short form below.



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