As much value as you will get from my books and videos, there's no substitute for in-person coaching.

"I’ve always known Mike Lake to be a talented trombone player, but after taking a lesson from him, I’ve discovered he is also a great teacher. Within about 15 minutes, he had shown me how to eliminate years of bad habits that have prevented me from playing as I’ve imagined I could. By the end of the hour, my sound, articulation, and intonation had been transformed. Best of all, I now know how to practice in a way that will build on the transformation I experienced through Mike’s great coaching.”

- Paul Marini

I can provide you with a single lesson or a package of lessons, whichever best fits your needs. And if you are either living in the Phoenix area or planning to visit, a lesson within my studio in the mountains of beautiful north Phoenix is easy to make happen.

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If you are unable to make it to my studio, Skype lessons are a very effective way to gain coaching from me in a variety of subjects:

  • Intermediate to advanced tenor or alto trombone playing
  • Beginning to advanced improvisation
  • Strengthening the connection between your ear and horn
  • Building a bigger sound
  • More accurate and musical articulation
  • Gaining more confidence with your playing


The length and frequency of lessons is up to you. I offer both 30 and 60 minute lessons which I recommend that you record and review after our session(s). Before starting our initial lesson, we'll talk about your objectives for the lesson and for your playing. I'll then tailor a specific plan to help you achieve those objectives within the timeframe you desire.


My teaching method involves helping you hear yourself in a way that allows you to greatly speed up your learning on your own. I believe that most player's poor listening and practicing skills hold them back, and in many cases, prevent them from improving. We will work on developing your ability to hear deeper into your playing so that your practicing becomes much more effective toward you becoming the player you wish to be.

Skype lesson packages are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Select "Add to cart" and then make your selection of the duration.

Discounts are available for packages of multiple lessons. Contact me at to discuss multiple lesson packages.