How to remove high overtone analog artifacts in recording trombone

Recording my trombone I use a Neumann M149 tube mic that is fed into a Joe Meek tube pre-amp. The signal that they create then goes into a Universal Audio Apollo 16 A/V converter.

That combination is the best reproduction of the alto trombone I’ve found, but there is a problem. Between the mic and the pre-amp, the analog output creates an undesirable high frequency noise that gets faithfully reproduced by the Apollo 16. And while I am able to achieve a warm intimate presence on the trombone from that signal chain, the resulting high frequency noise is a problem.

I was talking about this yesterday with an Los Angeles trombone player who makes his living in the recording studio. He found the same problem with tube mics and the analog signal chain and as a result, stays away from the more analog recording gear when recording himself.

I shared with him my solution within Logic Pro which simply involves a high cut filter and a little boost in the mids that look like this.

Logic Pro XScreenSnapz004

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