Quick tip on improvisation

Here the audio file that I mentioned in my quick tip video. https://youtu.be/5StE2kQS2i4

It comes from my book Trombone Improvisation Savvy.:

The point I make in the video is that it is common and typical for musicians learning to improvise to be told to learn the scales associated with the chords. As I say in the video, scales are great for building technique and orienting to a particular harmonic sound, but if scales are your principal method for learning to improvise, you’ll sound mechanical – not melodic.

Here’s an exercise I created to build your ear, which is the key to improvising well. Reduce the filter between your inner musical ear and your instrument (and I’m not just talking about trombone!) Listen to each tone on the recording and as quickly as possible, find that tone on your instrument. The tones are created from various timbres and don’t allow a ton of time between them. I recommend using this as your daily warm up. You probably warm up on your horn but not your ears. Try this for a week and let me know if you sense a difference in your improvisation. The difference should be that you find yourself hitting more of the “right” notes as you listen to chords rather than thinking about the associated scale.

Improvisation should be more about expressing yourself with your instrument being an extension of your inner musical composer rather than the running of safe scales and patterns.

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