My new album release

Born from a sufficient body of work and the knowledge that a legendary mastering engineer was soon to retire, I have created a new album called The Electrik Project, Volume 1.

The songs were chosen from my writing and recording over the past year selected from music sent to my subscribers. In a way I could call it a “best of”, but in fact, I may use other pieces written over this past year in my next release. The eight songs of this album were primarily chosen for their diversity as well as their popularity as gauged from subscriber comments.

Knowing that Roger Seibel, the mastering engineer for Roads Less Traveled, was retiring mid July, I got busy selecting the songs and critically evaluating their compositional and recording quality. Given that many were more than six months old, I heard several things within them that needed to be fixed prior to mastering. So I began a month-long process of remixing, re-recording, and in several cases, re-arranging portions of this music.

I’m pretty good at meeting deadlines, so the day my mastering session arrived, I had whipped each of eight songs into much better shape. I suppose if Roger were to have retired at the end of August, I’d still be tinkering. Thank God he wasn’t! After all, my summer vacation was scheduled to begin the following week.

Subscribers to my music feed will continue to get new music and new subscribers will receive many pieces of music not found in the album. In fact, the night before leaving for vacation, I released a brand new tune and now that I am back, I’m working on my next. So my volume and pace of new music for subscribers will continue unabated. I just wanted to create a mastered polished collection of songs and satisfy people who were asking me for a new album.

The album is now on iTunes. I was tempted to create a booklet as liner notes, but opted not to. I may still write one if I decide to create a physical CD. For now, I want to release this collection as an audio download. I’m kind of done with making CDs for the moment.

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