A music video called Hawaiian Dreams

I took a much-needed vacation to Hawaii. It was my first time there, but certainly not my last. What a great place!

Before leaving, I finished a song for my subscribers called Hawaiian Dreams. It didn’t begin relating to Hawaii but I guess I had the vacation bug in me, so as I wrote more and more of it the song took shape as something fun and tropical. It didn’t hurt that I had just bought a sampler plugin of a grand thumb piano called the Array Mbira. This magnificent instrument is played with tines connected to a large resonant wooden chamber. At the time, I didn’t exactly know the use to which I would put it. I just fell in love with the gorgeous sound. Soon after I began learning it however, I discovered Hawaii living deep within its soul!

I knew that I wanted to create a visual for the song for YouTube. I’m not a fan of sticking a still photos over an entire song, so I set out to capture as much of the visual beauty of the islands as possible. I ended up snapping a few hundred pics and close to 30 minutes of video.

The first weekend, tropical storm Darby made its way across the islands and I ventured out to record some of its force on the trees and ocean. Seeing the waves crashing on the rocky cliffs was pretty cool. The storm lasted only a day or so, then the sun was back out.

As you’ll see, there was an abundance of wildlife including Geckos. They were in the house and everywhere outside. Consider them the reoccurring mascot of the video. The video ends with three shots of an amazing sunset that I caught while on the west side of the Big Island.

Enjoy the video.


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