Music minus bass trombone for Dry Cleaner from Des Moines

Playing last night with a trombone quartet, I brought in my arrangement of Dry Cleaner from Des Moines from my CD Roads Less Traveled. Our bass trombonist did an excellent job and enjoyed the challenge.

The original bass trombone in the CD was performed my my good friend Gerry Pagano. The part is basically a bass line that establishes the groove throughout the piece. It’s hard, but fun.

I thought I’d create a kind of Music Minus One version of the arrangement for the bass trombone. I let the part play for the first 15 seconds and then remove it so that you are one your own to pump out the groove. I then briefly bring back the bass trombone after a break in the time around the one minute mark, but only for a few seconds.

Let me know if having the bass trombone part in for those short periods is unnecessary. I just thought it would help.

Here’s the part for the bass trombone. Have fun with it!



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