This is limiting you from satisfying jazz improvisation

I’m creating a new product. It is an eBook on how to learn tunes in order to improvise really well over them. It will also have a series of packets dedicated to individual songs. Think of it like a razor and blades. The main eBook is the razor, the foundational methodology for learning tunes and…

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Keeping healthy as a musician

I recently created a video on a subject that I think is crucial for any musician. Playing a musical instrument is a physical activity and therefore requires our bodies to operate at peak efficiency. To keep ourselves at that peak state, nutrition plays an important role. I am an advocate of vegetable juicing as an…

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The brain-friendly way to practice

I just wrote an ebook. The full title is: The Brain-Friendly Method for Musical Instrument Excellence. This is a modest-sized ebook on things you’ve probably never been told about practicing. I don’t think that the skill of practicing is taught, or at least not well enough. Learn things like: How to increase focus whenever you practice…

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Music minus bass trombone for Dry Cleaner from Des Moines

Playing last night with a trombone quartet, I brought in my arrangement of Dry Cleaner from Des Moines from my CD Roads Less Traveled. Our bass trombonist did an excellent job and enjoyed the challenge. The original bass trombone in the CD was performed my my good friend Gerry Pagano. The part is basically a…

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The biggest improvement you can make playing your musical instrument

A good friend and my most enthusiastic guinea pig for my books’ strange ideas and exercises came to the studio yesterday to do some trombone recording. Like most players, he’s not used to recording in my particular environment. A strange and sensitive mic, transparent monitoring through headphones, and unforgiving playback can make for an uncomfortable…

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The high octane fuel to improve your trombone playing

I thought of something I’d like to add to the very beginning of my upcoming book, Rhythm Savvy. The further I get into writing and recording for the book, the more I believe that this tool can help players improve their musicianship. That improvement, however, won’t come immediately or by magic, and that is what…

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How to improvise over Dolphin Dance

Dolphin Dance Excerpt

One of the important decisions I am making as I write Trombone Improvisation Savvy is: which tunes to include in the second half of the book where I analyze the form and changes, record the melody, transcribe my improvised solo, record exercises for the challenging parts of the song, and transcribe a well known solo…

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The subject of my book

I’ve decided that I’ll write my book exclusively on the alto. Forget the tenor. As I’ve been writing, I’ve realized that there is much to say about the alto. I also feel that I should stay focused, even though it is a pretty narrow subject. I guess my next book will be on upper respiratory diseases…

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Almost finished with Artificial Intelligence

I really wanted to finish the piece Artificial Intelligence last night before leaving for New York today, but… It’s a complicated bit of music and some of the sounds just aren’t working correctly and a few of the transitions are not yet right. The piece is built around an environment of sounds – both electronically…

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