Trombone stuff

My upcoming book on alto and tenor trombone

After years of requests for me to write some sort of book on the alto trombone, I am happy to tell you that I’ve begun the project. One thing has become clear as I’ve started writing it, however. It will be about more than the alto. There is definitely a lack of material on the alto. Peter…

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Reflections on the 2016 International Trombone Festival

Lincoln Center

I traveled to New York last week to enjoy the International Trombone Festival at Julliard. I’ll write separately about particular events I attended, but my twenty thousand foot perspective was that it was a thoroughly well-conceived and organized celebration of all things trombone. As one would expect from one of the premier music venues in the world, Julliard hosted…

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Trombone humor

I recently ran across a fun little book of trombone humor called Le Trombone. It’s available on Amazon if you wish to add 47 pages of material to your repertoire of trombone jokes. The preface dedicates the pages that follow to the silence one might encounter after the following conversation we’ve all had too often:…

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Wave played by the masters

Two incredible solos on Jobim’s Wave. Frank Rossolino and Carl Fontana playing at their best in this vintage recording. Just too bad there’s no video of the actual performance.

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Unlocking the true essence of the bass and alto trombones

While Gerry Pagano was in Arizona recording Roads Less Traveled with me, we tried out a new type of camera that captures the essence of objects well beyond the capability of ordinary cameras. It’s a new technology called Sterillium Photography. Basically, the camera senses the energy emanating from an object and reproduces it at the…

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