Roads Less Traveled

Music minus bass trombone for Dry Cleaner from Des Moines

Playing last night with a trombone quartet, I brought in my arrangement of Dry Cleaner from Des Moines from my CD Roads Less Traveled. Our bass trombonist did an excellent job and enjoyed the challenge. The original bass trombone in the CD was performed my my good friend Gerry Pagano. The part is basically a…

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How I overdubbed the trombone parts on my CD

I’ve created a video that demonstrates how I recorded the various parts on the 4 and 5 trombone arrangements on my CD Roads Less Traveled. For the demonstration, I wrote a three trombone arrangement of Afternoon in Paris and throughout the video I take you step by step leading to the finished mixed piece.

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The video has been produced!

The person I’m working with to promote Roads Less Traveled suggested that I create a video about the album. So I just talk about the tunes on the CD. It’s pretty short. Check it out. I’d love to hear what you think of it. Honest. Write a comment.

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Geocache CD Distribution

This weekend, my two boys and I went up north to my good friend’s cabin in Strawberry, AZ. On the way back, we did a little geocaching. If you’re not aware, Geocaching is treasure hunting for small boxes (caches) containing trinkets left by other people. There is a phone app that tells you exactly where a particular…

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My new CD

road less traveled

It started from my little demo website containing a collection of music that I had written and recorded. One day Gerry Pagano wrote me to say that I needed a bass trombone on the music. I had played all the trombone parts on my alto trombone and since that horn cannot go below a low…

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