Rhythm Savvy

Strengthen your musical sense of time and rhythmic with this

Rhythm Savvy book from altobone.com

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my new book Rhythm Savvy. www.altobone.com/rhythm-savvy/ Late in the writing, I realized that the over 100 exercises with odd click tracks, listening challenges, and play-along tracks were very similar to puzzles, so I added the subtitle, Rhythm puzzles for trombone. In typical fashion for each of the Savvy…

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Training your brain to play music better

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book Rhythm Savvy. The skills I teach in my books are complex to say the least. Playing a musical instrument is an incredibly difficult task. Learning or improving skills like improvisation, developing a groove, and playing with accurate time only come with time and hard work. Just buying…

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Hearing note placement within phrases

I created what I think is an interesting exercise for evaluating and strengthening one’s ability to hear the difference between notes placed early in the beat, late in the beat, and right on. This is now on page 39 of Rhythm Savvy, the book I am currently writing. No doubt that for some, this will…

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