My upcoming book

The critical link between improvisation and the circle of fifths

I’m writing a book on improvisation called Jazz Ear Savvy. I consider it an extension of the ear training concepts and exercises introduced in my book Trombone Improvisation Savvy. By the way, I prefer the term ear building since ear training sounds like too much work. The listening exercises in Improvisation Savvy are limited to…

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How to improvise over Dolphin Dance

Dolphin Dance Excerpt

One of the important decisions I am making as I write Trombone Improvisation Savvy is: which tunes to include in the second half of the book where I analyze the form and changes, record the melody, transcribe my improvised solo, record exercises for the challenging parts of the song, and transcribe a well known solo…

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Survey on trombone improvisation

I would love to get your input for my upcoming book on trombone improvisation, Trombone Improvisation Savvy. Knowing your opinion about your improvisation skills and what you think you need in order to improvise better will help the book be more relevant to you and to the jazz trombone world. The survey has already given…

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Excerpt from: Improving Your Improvisation Skill on Trombone

While my upcoming book pays unique attention to the alto trombone, an important section of the book focuses on improvisation on any flavor trombone – alto, tenor or bass. The following is a short excerpt and audio file from the section on improvisation using the 12 bar Bb blues as the backdrop. The overarching theme…

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