Music history

What prince continues to teach me

In 1994, I bought an obscure CD-ROM called Prince Interactive. One reviewer called it “a weird Prince CD-ROM press kit that people paid money for”. Maybe that’s true but I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the wonderful fantasy world within the disk. It was a virtual trip through Prince’s world with the object being to unlock hidden puzzles for…

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It’s called a cutting lathe

I’ve mentioned Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering here in Phoenix. Roger mastered my album Roads Less Traveled. I wrote a post on Roger’s early days with Manfred Eicher at ECM. Roger shared some interesting stories about those innovative days at ECM and what an extreme perfectionist Manfred was about every aspect of the recording, mixing and…

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Touching a bit of history

I honestly didn’t know Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering prior to a great referral from Rod Wolber. As it turned out, Roger did an outstanding job and was a great guy to hang out with that day. I learned that day that Roger was part of the mixing and mastering team along with Manfred Eicher at…

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