What a dead mouse reminded me about jazz improvisation

I been listening to (obsessing on) an artist I have only recently discovered. He is a genius at rhythms and the deliberate placement of notes. His music also has a sense of humor to which I relate. I can’t think of much other music to which I occasionally laugh out loud as if I was…

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The piece performed at the 2017 International Trombone Festival

My good friend Gerry Pagano (bass trombone in the St. Louis Symphony) asked me earlier this spring to write a piece of music that he and I could perform at his recital at the International Trombone Festival this past summer in Redlands, CA. The result was “Conversations With Myself”. It was inspired by a comment…

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Reflections on the 2016 International Trombone Festival

Lincoln Center

I traveled to New York last week to enjoy the International Trombone Festival at Julliard. I’ll write separately about particular events I attended, but my twenty thousand foot perspective was that it was a thoroughly well-conceived and organized celebration of all things trombone. As one would expect from one of the premier music venues in the world, Julliard hosted…

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My creative process for composing new music

I recently sent out a survey to my longer-term subscribers asking their opinion on the music they’ve received and on topics of interest from which I would write and/or create videos. I’ve received lots of very good topics and questions that will feed the blog and YouTube channel for a while. So, please keep them…

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