Alto trombone book

Free excerpt of Alto Trombone Savvy

Alto Trombone Savvy is my book dedicated to the alto trombone. It was published in January of 2017. After writing it for a while, I started to run out of strictly alto trombone content, so I started adding some good music and exercises that would be fun and helpful to tenor or bass trombone players…

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Carsten Svanberg and The Alto Clef

One of the final steps was to solicit a few testimonials from well-known players. All who have submitted one have offered some terrific advice and support along the way, and for that I am grateful. The great Carsten Svanberg, retired Professor of Trombone at the University of Music and Arts Graz, and very active international…

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Playing with better pitch on the trombone

I’ve written a section about pitch in my upcoming book on alto trombone. As I wrote, the trombone is basically a glorified tuning slide and therefore, good pitch is our superpower! Here’s an excerpt from the book along with the exercise files (PDF and audio). Let me know what you think. I’m looking for feedback…

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