An online resource for learning the real book jazz tunes

There are a lot of online resources for learning piano and jazz improvisation but I want to recommend one site in particular for reasons beyond knowing how to comp B half diminished with two hands. After all, if you’re here you’re probably a trombonist or at least a brass player.

Ron Drotos is As I do, Ron sends out periodic emails to subscribers containing some terrific free resources. At the moment, he’s on a tear through the Real Book working his way alphabetically from page one to the end. Each week, Ron provides some history, harmonic explanation, and a run through of the next tune in the book.

His latest tune struck a chord with me. He illustrated Kieth Jarrett’s somewhat obscure tune Coral (he’s made his way up to the “Cs” in the Real book). Kieth Jarrett is my favorite musician and in college I performed several of his lesser known tunes (Coral, Standing Outside, Memories of Tomorrow, Long As You Know You’re Living Yours, etc.) So hearing Coral beautifully played by Ron brought back some great memories.

If you’ve purchased my product, Piano Comping for Non-Piano Players, you might want to take your playing to the next level (and beyond) with some of Ron’s products. At the very least, go to his home page and sign up for Ron’s weekly email and use his renditions of the Real Books tunes as play-alongs for learning and improvising over this rich body of work. Hey, you’ll really kill it at the jam sessions!


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