ITA Review of the Fratres CD

The review came out today in the International Trombone Journal of the CD Doug Yeo, Gerry Pagano, and I made last summer. If you are a trombone player and are not subscribed to the journal, you should do so here. You’ll get in depth profiles of your favorite players and lots of information on literature and music recordings like Fratres. Well, nothing is like Fratres… Listen to it and you’ll agree.

This review was written by my favorite reviewer for the Journal, Dr. Stan Pethel. Let’s call Stan the Leonard Feather of the trombone world, a writer who really listens to the music and seems to always offer an interesting and creative spin on what he hears.

You can preview and buy this CD from CD Baby, and on behalf of Doug and Gerry, we hope you’ll add it to your collection.

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