How to improve your life in 30 days [video]

Most people know Matt Cutts as the very public face of Google’s webspam team. That means he is the expert on how to rank well and improve on that ranking for Google without trying to game the system. He’s on to the gamers.

So when I saw a You Tune video of Matt giving a TED talk on how to build life-changing habits within 30 days, I wanted to watch it. From what I’ve seen of him, he’s smart.

Through his talk, Matt is challenging people to start something and keep it up for 30 straight days. Apparently, 30 days builds a solid habit.Watch the video.

Here are a few of my 30 day challenges for trombone players. For every one of the next 30 days do ONE of the following.:

  • Practice(!)
  • Play Bach cello suites
  • Play some jazz
  • Listen to a different trombone player
  • Watch a short You Tube video of a different trombone player
  • Arrange something for trombone(s)
  • Talk to a musician with whom you normally don’t have much of a relationship
  • Practice in a different place within your home or available space (What, you don’t life in a 31 room house? Okay, on this, you can repeat!)


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