How does music help you think creatively and innovate?

The seventh question I am being asked for the book research mentioned in an earlier post is:

How does music help you think creatively and innovate?

This requires a bit more thought…

Again, an important skill in my musicianship is improvisation. I think that skill allows me to jump into a project and figure it out as I go. For example, very little of the music I’ve created started out with a clear roadmap from beginning to end (maybe one). In every other case, I simply started with the seed of an idea and watched as it unfolded. Often, progress stalls. But I stop and come back to it with fresher ears hoping to hear the direction it wants to take. I frequently worry that I’m at a dead end, but if I persist and keep positive, something grows from it and progress continues. I might characterize my writing style as slow-motion improvisation (sometimes painfully slow!)

Relative to my day work in media trading, I find myself doing the same thing like writing a post on something I need to research, and working my way through the writing, like creating a white paper or a book. I normally do not start with a complete outline, but instead, work my way though the task almost watching as it unfolds. As I mentioned in another post, it may be a chicken and egg thing – is this my musical background conditioning me for this style of work, or is my hard wiring such that music came to me as a good fit for my particular style or work preference? I don’t know.

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