How do I get the audio files for Trombone Improvisation Savvy?

A few people have started to ask this question. I dedicated a full page in the book to answering it, but it may need more clarification. To be fair, at this time, no one has received their book to read that page. Early orders are being shipped. Nonetheless, here’s the answer to “where are the audio files”.

Click the image to see page eight of Trombone Improvisation Savvy:











The audio file access is super necessary to explain because getting easy access to the audio files will go a long way toward you receiving the ultimate value from this book.

First, let me give you the short answer on how to access the audio files.

All the audio files are on Soundcloud–a music sharing/publishing site. A collection of songs is a playlist on Soundcloud. Trombone Improvisation Savvy is divided into two parts and each part has its own playlist in the exact order the files appear as you read/play the book.

The playlist for part 1:

The playlist for part 2: bit/ly/improvbook2


Here’s the answer with a little bit of history, my thought process, and some audio file extras.

Audio associated with a book is traditionally delivered by a CD attached to the book’s back cover. For a long time it’s been handy and easy to use. The problem is two-fold: 1. duplicating CDs adds to the cost of the book and 2. CD players are disappearing from computers and the demand for them is diminishing rapidly.

What if the associated audio files for a book were tied instead to a cloud-based file system? That’s all I’m doing in order to provide you with access to the files throughout the book. I guess another reason CDs are impractical for my book is because it would require three to four disks to hold all the music I’ve recorded.

Going to the above two Soundcloud playlists give you instant access to the 150 files. Select one and hit play. If your computer, phone, Kindle, or iPad is connected to a sound system (headphones), you’re all set.

Here’s a sound file called Cruisin:

Try it out. You can download any of these .wav or.aif files by clicking on the “••• more” button below the main image containing the wave graphic.

Soundcloud has a very capable app that gives you access to every file from your phone or other mobile device.

But let’s say you want all the files “living” on your hard drive or server. Downloading close to 3 gigs of audio one file at a time is tedious and hard drive-consuming.

To answer that need, I’ve created three zip files containing all the files as mp3s. One zip file for part 1 of the book and two files for part two of the book. There is much more audio in part two. Each is around 200 meg which is much more manageable. The links to those .zip files are on page eight. Did you click the image above?

If the audio portion of this book is difficult to access, you won’t bother. And if you don’t bother, you’ll miss out on half the book’s real value. That would be a crime. Hopefully, this clarifies the subject. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to pester me with those questions!

And… if you want a geekier deep dive into the utility of the Soundcloud playlist for the book, click here.



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