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    For videos and movies, clear sound is as important as good pictures. Poor sound can interfere with concentration while watching a movie. The use of sound recording devices that are separate from the camera can be an option for maintaining sound quality. Studio Antelope summarizes some voice recording devices that you can use for your short videos or films.

    Microphone is important for sound recording. There are two types of microphones that are usually used, namely lavalier microphone and directional microphone. Lavalier microphone, also known as clip-on, is usually used to record conversations or interviews. This type of microphone is usually attached to the talent shirt so that it is close to the sound source. tv soccer football The directional microphone, also known as a shotgun, is usually used to capture from a certain direction. This type of microphone can eliminate sound from other directions. The shotgun can also be used to record ambience. Selecting the type of microphone depends on the image you want to take. For taking wide shot, lavalier microphones are a better choice. Directional microphones are better used for close-up shots.

    Audio Recorder
    To record sound, usually the microphone is connected directly to the camera or to an additional recording device known as a sound recorder. Usually audio recorders also have the ability to record sound directly without using an external microphone. The use of an audio recorder can produce better sound quality. ZOOM H1, ZOOM H4N or ZOOM H6 can be the choice of voice recorder for your video.

    Boom Pole
    Of course you don’t want your microphone to be seen in the picture. The use of boom poles or boom poles can be a solution to this. Usually Boom Operator uses a shotgun microphone that is attached to a boom pole to record sound.

    Voice recording can be interrupted by other sounds. For outdoor shooting, the sound of the wind is sometimes unavoidable. The use of windshields is a solution to reduce noise and maintain clarity of sound.

    After recording, don’t forget to re-check the sound results that you have recorded. You should use headphones to check the results. You can hear clearly or not the record more clearly by using headphones. If you feel the sound recording is not good enough, you need to do the recording again.


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