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    I know a lot of players are big on transcribing but I struggle with it. Does anyone have some tips on getting good at transcribing solos?


    Jerry Gordon

    Brade Goode is a great trumpet player who teaches at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I heard him speak about his transcription approach some years ago. It has been a long time but as I recall, his suggestion was:

    * Pick a jazz solo you want to learn.
    * Listen to the recording of the solo MANY times.
    * Then sing along with the recorded solo until you feel comfortable that you know it very well.
    * Then sing the solo without listening to the recording
    * Then pick up your horn and play the solo .
    * Then play the solo along with the recording to check your work
    * The final step is optional: Write down the solo

    I was once at a seminar given by Alto Sax player Jeff Clayton who suggested that you select a solo to transcribe that is within your capacity. His example (as I recall) was that for most of us, picking a Dizzy Gillespie solo as a first transcription piece might not be a great idea.



    Ted Scalzo

    Thanks for this I am going to give this approach a try.

    Ted Scalzo
    San Antonio-Texas

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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