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    Michael Lake

    If I were to do another video on some aspect of recording, what should the topic be?

    Michael Lake
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    Phillip Rios

    I’d love to see a full- length video of your recording and mixing process. I don’t have any experience in recording or mixing. I’m currently doing my best to record Down in the River, the 3 euphonium/3 tube arrangement. It’s not going smoothly.



    Ted Scalzo

    I would love to know your settings in Logic for recording your trombone. what plug ins eQ etc. Your sound is amazing.

    Ted Scalzo
    San Antonio-Texas


    Robert H. Allen

    Hi All:
    Well i do have some questions regarding recording videos that I would love to see and tied into ‘what is your favorite microphone’ too. I have been watching and listening to everything currently available to me here in Thailand such as your materials and trombone and band videos on YouTube.. I was a big band player, played in a Navy Unit Band, a Jazz player, and even belonged to a Ragtime Band. So my likes and styles are more relaxed than say symphonic works. I have stumbled across not only the Carling Family from Sweden but also the Tuba Skinny Jazz Band out of New Orleans. Specifically for Tuba Skinny I watch and hear them play and wonder exactly how they are recording in the street as they do. I do not see mics with the exception of the hand mic used by the lead female singer. Their recording seem to be raw but there is not a lot of background, IE., street sounds being picked up. So I am guessing that either they have some really good mics or they run everything through pro equipment, clean it up, and add the audios back into the videos. (I lived in NOLA for a while and used to hang out around that part of the French Quarter…of course they had not come into existence back then… 🙂 )
    Any ideas, thoughts , comments from anyone? Do recording studio mics work well outside with covers and or those screens that I see?
    I went to their website and sent them an email asking but they are currently touring in Europe!! 🙂
    Robert in Thailand


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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