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    Jeff Gittleson

    Well, I’m sure like a lot of people, I wanted to dip my foot in the alto end of the pool, but as a bass bone guy, I couldn’t justify the $4500 price tag of a shires, when it’s only something I want to dabble in and see if i even like. After doing a lot of research, I noticed the jinbao chinese altos seem to get rebranded a lot, and sold for a huge markup. For example, dillon music does this and sells them for $700, when they are available under the MOZ name on amazon for $199 and free shipping.

    Reviews seemed to be good, and it’s returnable so why not? I ordered one, and gave it a whirl. While the instrument played well out of the box, it just felt cheap to me, and I really wanted a valve to complete the partials in the lower register. So, I set to work, sourced components from 6 different companies, and made the rest on my lathe.

    The end result is a progressive bore in the bell section, an A valve as a finger valve, a detachable bell thats been make two tone, and tons of one off copper components. The horn plays with noticeable improvement, and the added utility of the valve has been great.

    I will get some videos up soon.


    Robert H. Allen

    That is mighty impressive work you did there even if I do not fully understand the hows and whys of your modification. A simple slide Tenor player here. LOL And sitting in my house in Hua Hin, Thailand knowing that I could more than likely never do that kind of work. Not sure I have seen any lathes here…… LOL. But yes, please post some videos I would love to hear that instrument being played!! Thanks! (Rob in Thailand)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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