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    Etrit Adami

    Hello Mike ,
    Thanks for opening this site .

    I have recent recoded a Verner Etyde for trombone in my studio . I hope you like it .
    I have 1 year of experience on audio recording .

    Please fill free to give your opinion regarding quality and editing and recording.

    Thank you



    Michael Lake


    Thank you for posting that. I think your tone and intonation is very good. I also like the piece very much. What are you recording this on?

    I have a couple things to offer regarding your recording and the performance.

    I just produced a video on recording and in it I mentioned the need to record in dry rooms-rooms with furniture, rugs, carpet, drapes, etc. The exception, of course, is a large hall or other place with good acoustics. I mention this because I hear the room sound – bouncing off walls. It sounds like you’ve added some reverb, but the reverb amplifies some of the room sound. Try to position yourself and your mic in a place where your sound can be more absorbed. It’s not a totally live room but for trombone, try for for even more absorption. Am I describing your recording accurately? One clue is that I hear a cut around the 4 second mark. The room sound is cut, leaving the reverb.

    The reason for the dry room is so that if you are adding reverb, you are getting an accurate reverb on your trombone without the room reflections adding to the sound. It also helps your editing as I mentioned above because it is hard to edit with natural room reverb.

    My comment on the performance is that you might try expanding the dynamic range. You have done some of that, but to my ears, I would like to hear more. In other words, as some of the phrases go up, get a bit louder, and softer as you go lower. Nothing exaggerated, just a bit more than you have done. You can also vary the tempo a bit more so that by slowing down and speeding up more than you did, you add more drama to the performance. Then end with more of a deliberate phrase into the last Eb. Maybe hold that Eb out a bit more.

    Other than the cut I mentioned earlier, I think the editing was good. I didn’t hear any other cuts and the flow sounds natural.

    Nice job, and thanks for sharing. Feel free to upload another with the suggestions I’ve made.

    Michael Lake
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    Etrit Adami

    Dear Mike,

    Thank you for your useful assessment regarding the recoding .
    I was expecting things to come out as you have mentioned above .
    In fact you, spotted the acoustics which in my home studios is completely uncured for the moment .
    My performance was just something which I choose spontaneously but I was rather focused on the recording quality .
    Your video helped me to improve my mix as well but still things need to be curated such as Acustics , Mic, Preamps and Reverb .

    My Daw:
    MacBook Pro
    Cubase 9Le Ai
    Apollo Twin
    Adam a 7x Monitor
    Mic TLM 103 Neumann

    I should also mention that all the recoding were made possible with UAD plug-ins and according to my personal view , plug-ins make 70% sound quality. But analog tube preamps and compressors make. it very warm and also much more easy for editing and mixing.

    I cut some of the low cut frequencies at 89Hz using Fab filter Q2
    Regarding the Mic I have noticed that is very strait and does not have a multipatern or other qualities .Also regarding the articulation in a scale I have notices that is much sharp than AKG Xlii
    My mouthpiece also amplifies low frequencies and the sound is around the horn and not out so clearly to the mic .

    I have also tried to record with Logix Pro and I find out that vs Cubase is much more natural and relaxed sound than in Cubase .
    I saw you recently purchased I Mac and I believe that Mac is at least 3 db up more than windows regarding sound parameters .
    What do you think ?

    I like sharing ideas and everything about Trombone recoding and post productions .

    Looking forward to hear ,




    Michael Lake


    It’s interesting that you hear a difference in sound quality between DAWs. I”m not sure how that is possible as long as you are using the same audio interface. The DAW is simply a tool for organizing and editing the audio that has passed through the interface. Are you short you are making an accurate comparison between Cubase and Logic?

    Michael Lake
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