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    Michael Lake

    While at last month’s ITF, I tried a brand new sterling silver alto trombone by Adams Custom Brass. Adams is known as a percussion manufacturer as well as makers of trumpets and euphoniums. They also make tenor trombones, but this was their first alto. In fact they made this one just to bring to the festival. I tried it, loved it, and bought it.

    I created an A/B test between the Adams and my Yamaha YSL671. The first audio file is the trombone playing over a string background and the second is just the trombone. The horns are not necessarily in the same order in both tracks. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

    Michael Lake
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    Walter George


    That was very good that you recorded in wav format rather than compressed mp3. It is like shooting picture files in raw rather than jpeg format, ie more data in the former files. It is too bad most sax mpc reviewers do not record in wav as well.


    Alan Coates

    The concept of silver alto trombones is appealing in ways both visual and auditory. Since Adams appears only to have made the one (so far) I got curious whether there were other makes of alto available in silver. I found three makers who appear to offer an E-flat alto in sterling silver as a custom option (S.E. Shires, Marcus Leuchter, and Jurgen Voight). Shires I am already familiar with, as I bought one (not silver, though) at the 2017 ITF in NYC. The other two instrument makers are unfamiliar to me. Can anyone weigh in on these or other makes of alto trombone available in sterling silver?

    Alan C.
    Atlanta, GA

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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