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    Robert H. Allen

    Hi Folks:
    Well to produce the sounds we need a mouthpiece so I am putting this new topic here. What mouthpieces do you recommend and why?
    I started playing 60 years ago with a decent Conn tenor horn which came with a Conn 12C. It seemed to do the job well for me for 8 years or so through school. Joined a US Navy Unit Band and played a King 3B and it came with a King(?) 12C. After the Navy went to college and traded that old King in on a new tenor Bach Stradivarius which came with a Bach 12C. Several years and 3 children later bought a new Benge tenor horn that came with a Benge 12C which, 20 years later, is sitting here in Thailand on my desk in it’s vinyl case; clean. 🙂
    So I wake up last week and learn that the whole world of trombone players thinks us older, ahem, “mature” types should be playing a (Blessing) 6.5AL!!!

    I have seen some of the newer mouthpieces available from mouthpiece makers like Elliot, Wick, and Wycliffe Gordon’s Signature Pro series mouthpieces made by Pickett Brass which are pretty reasonably priced for his “Master” tenor mouthpiece which he uses and compares to the Bach 5G or Wick 6AL.
    I have seen the Blessing 6.5 AL offered on Amazon for about $36 US which seem very inexpensive to me. My problem here in Thailand is that unless you want to buy anything outside of the country and have it shipped here you will need a second mortgage to help pay the excessive and seemingly arbitrary customs fees and taxes. It does not matter what the item actually is worth, it ends up costing you about 5 to 10 times that cost for the fees. The saving grace here is that we can get most things locally or through the online Lazada Company the Asian ‘Walmart’ lookalike. (Except for that Blessing 6.5AL mouthpiece…which Lazada wants about $100 US for…..)

    So….what is your choice of a tenor trombone mouthpiece and why? And while we are at it, what is your preferred alto mouthpiece and why?


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