Finishing up Time Capsule

I’m going to try to write more frequently, but since the last post, I have finished Time Capsule. I’ll probably write this often, but the tune is an experiment. Hell, the entire CD is pretty much an experiment.

I found some great historic clips of people speaking. I’ve added Churchill, Reagan, Mohammed Ali and Julia Childs. Finding these is tricky since I’m trying to stay clear of copyrights. At least president’s speeches are public domain so I can use them. Some of the others were found on YouTube interviews, so I think that’s okay. Nothing politically motivated about my choices. I’ve given equal opportunity to both the left and right with Reagan and JFK.

So Time Capsule weaves my trombone playing – sometimes three part harmony – around some interesting and historic speech. There’s a quasi orchestral part that will be a challenge to do a polished mix.

But it’s done and I’m happy with the outcome. “Houston, the Eagle has landed”!

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