How to easily access the sound files for Trombone Improvisation Savvy

I’ve received a few questions on accessing the sound files located on Soundcloud. I probably didn’t do as good a job explaining them on page 8 of the book.

So, I’ve created a short video showing you how to find the playlists and the soundfiles within them. I’ve also demonstrated how to “like” the playlists so that they show up in your account’s list of playlists. That way, you’ll log on to Soundcloud, go to your personal playlists and quickly find the playlists for the book.



Also, I’ve created three .zip files. One for the part one files in the book and two others for the part two files (there were too many files in part two to put them in one compressed archive. These zip archives contain every sound file and they are all MP3 format. If you download these archives and double click them to decompress them, you’ll have all the sound files from the book. You won’t ever again need to use Soundcloud.

Part 1: Click to download part 1 files

Part 2a: Click to download the first half of the part 2 files

Part 2b: Click to download the second half of the part 2 files


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