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Front playing trombone

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Alto Trombone Savvy is the most comprehensive book on mastering the Alto Trombone. With a keen attention to all aspects of playing, Michael answers all the questions and gives the best advice improving one’s playing and helps us break all the secret codes of the Alto Trombone.

- Cristian Ganicenco, Principal Trombone, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Exquisite playing and beautifully crafted arrangements make the Roads Less Traveled a must take musical journey. Michael Lake’s virtuosic alto trombone playing is worth the price of admission alone, as is Gerry Pagano’s rock solid bass trombone performance, but together it’s a match made in heaven. Bravo Michael and Gerry.

- Michael Davis

“Being familiar with the great alto trombone playing of Michael Lake, I can attest that his words of wisdom don’t come from a theoretician, but from a remarkably  accomplished artist. I highly recommend this great book called Alto Trombone Savvy!!”

- Cristian Ganicenco, Principal Trombone, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra