Checking in…

It’s been too long since my last post.

After the International Trombone Festival this past summer, I took on the CD project of Doug Yeo and Gerry Pagano called Fratres. I am thrilled to have worked with Doug and Gerry recording the tracks, arranging some and writing an original piece. The music turned out great and the Kickstarter campaign Gerry created is now well past our initial goal, with a couple of large contributions for which we are grateful.

But I’ve been playing catch-up, and writing in my blog has taken a back seat. One important project I just finished is an eBook and video course called Piano Comping Savvy for non piano players. I’ve thought about this for some time and am happy to report that it is done. I ended up adding it to the rewards package for the Kickstarter campaign and I’m hoping that it adds a bit more motivation to contributing. I’ve seen a bit of a bump since posting it, so perhaps it has.

I’m on to my next project which is my annual Christmas song. This year, I’m arranging Hark the Herald Angels and putting an EDM flavor to it. Don’t worry, it will still have plenty of alto trombone. I love balancing the electronic precision and digital sounds with the analog of the trombone. I’m experimenting with some complex rhythms which is turning into some great fun. I’ll release this within the next two weeks.

After that, I’m focused on cranking out some cool products that will be available on my site. I’ve got some ideas for helping people improvise–ideas beyond Trombone Improvisation Savvy–so stay tuned for announcements for those.

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