And a great time was had by all…

Friday night’s quartet performance with Russell Schmidt, Will Goble and Rob Moore at the Emerson Art Gallery brought out the magic of jazz that has fueled my passion for the music for the past forty years.

It’s been way too long since I’ve lead a performance. Friday gave me the pleasure of choosing some of my favorite tunes and stretching out on them with a rhythm section that listened and, as Will Goble wrote about the night in Facebook, took chances and supported each other.

The good-sized Fountain Hills audience was there to hear jazz. They listened and responded to the music. I often wonder how much of a true jazz following there is here in Phoenix after having moved back here five years ago. I’m still not sure, but Friday has got me more motivated than ever to test the waters with these top players of Friday’s quartet, a nice venue and persistent marketing.

I think there’s always an audience for unique high quality art that brings with it an ample supply of fun.

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