Take your alto trombone playing to the next level with Alto Trombone Savvy

“Not your 19th century alto trombone” is the name of the clinic I will be giving at this summer’s International Trombone Festival.

I believe strongly that the alto trombone is the most underrated brass instrument, given its light slide, closer positions, and short tube. I therefore believe that it is an ideal instrument for jazz, latin, pop, and electronic music.

Alto Trombone Savvy is a comprehensive method for learning and improving one’s skills on the alto. Included in the book are:

  • Over 50 audio tracks of background rhythms, exercises, and playing examples
  • Basic and advanced position and alternate position drills
  • Bach chorales containing a variety of “missing” parts for play-along
  • Ear training exercises
  • Tips for practicing
  • Intonation exercises
  • A section on improvisation


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