Alto Trombone Savvy excerpt for any trombone

Alto Trombone Savvy is available in both alto and bass clef. Click the following links for the full edition of the book you wish to own.

Alto Trombone Savvy – alto clef edition
Alto Trombone Savvy – bass clef edition

I have created a 21 page excerpt containing portions of Alto Trombone Savvy that pertain to any trombone. The excerpt contains:

  • Access to every sound file within the full edition
  • Unique and fun intonation exercises
  • Three 4-part Bach chorals for trombone, each with four versions for play-along of any part
  • Tom Ervin’s two-part Rochut #1
  • A four part trombone arrangement of In the Wee Small Hours containing four versions for play-along of any part
  • Rhythm analysis and exercises for building more a precise sense a time and rhythm
  • Play-along rhythmic exercises, each with melodic lines played by me and rhythm background only
  • The introduction to jazz improvisation

Click here to download the excerpt.

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