Almost finished with Artificial Intelligence

I really wanted to finish the piece Artificial Intelligence last night before leaving for New York today, but…

It’s a complicated bit of music and some of the sounds just aren’t working correctly and a few of the transitions are not yet right. The piece is built around an environment of sounds – both electronically created and natural sounds. Getting the pace and balance of the sounds is tricky. The trombone sound consists of three bones harmonized and threaded through the first half. I’ve created an interesting rhythm that serves as the glue through most of it.

I’ve used two of the internal Macintosh voices in one place, but realized after reading the terms and conditions for downloading voices (you always read those license agreements, right?) that Apple restricts any commercial use of their internal voices. I’ve done a bit of research and found a few sources for computer voices that do allow commercial use. I’ll replace them in the final mix stage.

I’ll post the rough mix hopefully by the end of next Sunday – my new goal.

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