A discussion with Sweetwater Sound’s Tom Maxwell about recording gear

When people ask me, I’ll give them my opinion regarding the recording gear I use, but I thought that it might be more valuable to pose the questions I am asked to an expert. So I got Tom Maxwell, Sales Engineer at Sweetwater Sound, on the phone and asked him some questions about microphones, mic pre-amps and analog-to-digital converters. For years, Tom has helped me make good decisions choosing equipment for my studio, so I could think of no one better to answer these questions.

The entire interview is worth listening to, but if you want to quickly get to the subject that interests you most, here are the topic locations:

  • Microphones: beginning
  • Mic Pre-amps: 10:00
  • Analog-to-digital converters: 17:30
  • Try before you buy thoughts: 20:12
  • Resources for learning more: 22:18

Contact Tom:

(800) 222-4700 ext 1313

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