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The skill, power and presence of Trombone Shorty

My long time good friend Jeff bought tickets for last night’s Trombone Shorty concert called the Voodoo Threauxdown and asked me to join him and his lovely wife. Even though we all arrived early, we walked into the hall as a warm up band was in the midst of performing. We soon realized that this…

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Bill Watrous performing 40 years ago

Stan Pethel, the Professor of Music Emeritus from Berry College, sent me a cassette he found recently that was recorded 40 years ago at the 1978 International Trombone Workshop. The gem on the cassette was the performance of then 40-year old Bill Watrous.  With his trademark facility throughout the trombone’s entire range and unparalleled lyricism,…

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The brain-friendly way to master an instrument

I’ve noticed something about all the videos I’ve studied on learning an instrument like piano, guitar, and others. So many of them do a great job showing you where notes are, how to hold your fingers and hands, the nature of chords and scales, and a bunch of other technical things. But where do you…

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How to start out recording electronic music

Frequently I  am asked how to start recording music using digital recording technology. People hear the things I and others are doing and are intrigued by the possibilities. We live in amazing times when for only $200 one can buy Logic (Mac only) and have an abundance of sounds, processors, and sophisticated sound altering functionality…

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