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ITA Review of the Fratres CD

The review came out today in the International Trombone Journal of the CD Doug Yeo, Gerry Pagano, and I made last summer. If you are a trombone player and are not subscribed to the journal, you should do so here. You’ll get in depth profiles of your favorite players and lots of information on literature…

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Its it too late in life to play trombone well?

I recently was asked by a 61 year old retired band director how to improve his playing. “I didn’t spend most of my life working on the trombone but I now want to play well. Is it too late for me?” Here is my response: It would be too easy for me to tell you,…

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The high octane fuel to improve your trombone playing

I thought of something I’d like to add to the very beginning of my upcoming book, Rhythm Savvy. The further I get into writing and recording for the book, the more I believe that this tool can help players improve their musicianship. That improvement, however, won’t come immediately or by magic, and that is what…

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