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The magic within a motivated student

I ran across a spectacular TED talk yesterday by author, speaker and business coach Seth Goden. Seth is the originator of the permission-based marketing concept and for decades has been a leading marketing and personal excellence evangelist. I promise that whatever you do for a living, you will benefit from reading his blog and wide variety…

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Live by the technology. Die by the technology.

Last Sunday morning, I was working on my book and my main hard drive sounded bad. Bad like screeching grinding metal on metal. Knowing that that wasn’t good, I quickly started copying the newest files from my book into another drive. The response time was getting slower and the sound was getting worse. You know the movie…

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How to listen to yourself

I’ve recently created some exercises for my upcoming book on alto trombone that are built to improve intonation when playing trombone. Among other things, I’ve recorded Bach choral #50, a four-part harmony of In the Wee Small Hours and Rochut #1 with a harmony part. I’ve recorded versions of each whereby one part is missing…

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