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A great lesson on improvisation

In a recent big band rehearsal we were provided with a wonderful lesson on improvisation. The lesson came from one of the trumpet players. He’s a good lead and section player but doesn’t fancy himself as an improviser. In fact, I think he’s done a pretty good job of avoiding it. But a tune got passed…

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Strengthening your sense of timing and rhythm

The following is a page from my upcoming book on the alto trombone. This section, however, has as much to do with tenor (and bass) as with alto trombone. Regardless of your instrument, your internal sense of time and rhythm helps define your musical performance. I’ve created some exercises that I believe can go a…

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How do you learn to improvise jazz on trombone?

As I write my book I’ve been sending excerpts to players for their input. I’ve also been reaching out on various forums for thoughts and perspectives. While I certainly maintain strong opinions about how one goes about gaining proficiency with jazz improvisation, I want to hear what others have tried – what works and what…

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Excerpt two from: Improving Your Improvisation Skill on Trombone

I’m making good progress on my book on alto trombone/improvisation. As I go to great lengths to explain in the book, the improvisation section is not dedicated strictly to the alto. I do offer tips here and there for the alto throughout the improvisation sections, but the writing on becoming a proficient jazz player and…

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