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Excerpt from: Improving Your Improvisation Skill on Trombone

While my upcoming book pays unique attention to the alto trombone, an important section of the book focuses on improvisation on any flavor trombone – alto, tenor or bass. The following is a short excerpt and audio file from the section on improvisation using the 12 bar Bb blues as the backdrop. The overarching theme…

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Playing with better pitch on the trombone

I’ve written a section about pitch in my upcoming book on alto trombone. As I wrote, the trombone is basically a glorified tuning slide and therefore, good pitch is our superpower! Here’s an excerpt from the book along with the exercise files (PDF and audio). Let me know what you think. I’m looking for feedback…

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The subject of my book

I’ve decided that I’ll write my book exclusively on the alto. Forget the tenor. As I’ve been writing, I’ve realized that there is much to say about the alto. I also feel that I should stay focused, even though it is a pretty narrow subject. I guess my next book will be on upper respiratory diseases…

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My upcoming book on alto and tenor trombone

After years of requests for me to write some sort of book on the alto trombone, I am happy to tell you that I’ve begun the project. One thing has become clear as I’ve started writing it, however. It will be about more than the alto. There is definitely a lack of material on the alto. Peter…

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