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Winning through negotiation

I recently had an experience with negotiation, the point of which might help you. Last month my Mac email was acting up and doing things that I couldn’t fix myself. A guy was recommended to me who specialized in fixing all things Mac, so I called him over to my studio. After an hour and a half he had…

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Alto trombone position and overtone guides

I was recently asked to create a positioning chart for the alto trombone. My inclination was to recommend creating one himself since the physical act of doing it will benefit the learning process. But I realize that doing things the hard way is an acquired taste and I’m glad to do the heavy lifting. The…

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Christmastime is here

One of my all-time favorite Christmas stories is a Charlie Brown Christmas. Debuting December 9, 1965, it’s one of the few things that I’ve seen last 50 years and not lose its magic for me. Written and performed by Vince Guaraldi, the music is absolutely beautiful, going triple Platinum in the US. It was since…

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Embrace your limitations?

Adam Morgan and Mark Barden wrote a terrific book called A Beautiful Constraint. The theme of the book is that great things can come from recognizing and embracing one’s limitations. Face it, no matter who we are, we all have limitations. As trombone players, we are limited in our range, our articulation speed, our timbre…

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