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Should you give it away for free?

In a private Facebook message regarding my free Electrik Project distribution, a trombone player wrote me: “People should be buying this. Composers need to be receiving renumeration for whatever they do. It shouldn’t be free.” He then followed up with “Get a good publisher.” I very much respect his opinion and understand his sentiment. Frankly,…

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How to begin learning to improvise on the trombone

“How do I begin learning improvisation on the trombone” is a question I am frequently asked. There’s no shortage of information out there on improvisation, but let me give you my opinion, and realize that it may stray a bit from popular conventional wisdom. My best answer to how you can improve your improvisation is to…

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The myth of overexposure

After sharing with a good friend a recent video I created, he asked if I wanted him to post it on his Facebook page. I didn’t ask, nor did I really expect him to since he generously posts things about me from time to time. Following that question, he made a comment that struck me that…

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Best way I know to improve one’s trombone sound

Recently on the trombone forum, someone asked how they could improve their sound, which they “hated” and said was not at all pleasing. My answer was: My best advice for improving your sound is to get out of the practice room. Practice outside. I have spent my entire playing career practicing outside and believe that my…

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How I get my recorded sound

I created this video demonstrating how I get my recorded sound. In the video, I talk about my recording equipment and how I route the signal, my mic technique and the processing I use on the recorded sound. You might want to listen on headphones since some of the things I demonstrate are somewhat subtle. Let…

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