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Why is music important to you?

A very talented marketing person I’ve gotten to know recently asked if she could ask me a few questions, the answers to which would be part of her research for her upcoming book. Apparently, she is writing about artists¬†who have full time jobs in other areas – mine being a marketing person in a financial/advertising…

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Starting Expedition Vertigo

I created a tune 20 years ago called Expedition Vertigo. No trombone, just electronic sounds. It was one of the first electronic pieces I created and something I always liked. I don’t have the original Logic sequence file, but even if I did, I’d have to find someone with an old version who could up-save…

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Beyond the Fog

I just finished my latest piece called Beyond the Fog. I’ve spend much of the past two weeks learning the new synth package I bought from Native Instruments. I began this piece about 3 weeks ago, but learning the new software and hardware put a dent in my progress with writing and recording. Komplete Kontrol…

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Artificial Intelligence is done

Finally finished up this piece. The climax ended up being the words spoken by a couple of the Mac voices. I love how the voices turned out, but unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow licenses for commercial use. They have no problem with their voices being used for personal projects, but you just can’t sell them. So,…

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Almost finished with Artificial Intelligence

I really wanted to finish the piece Artificial Intelligence last night before leaving for New York today, but… It’s a complicated bit of music and some of the sounds just aren’t working correctly and a few of the transitions are not yet right. The piece is built around an environment of sounds – both electronically…

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