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Artificial Intelligence

I think that works well for the title to my fourth piece. Lot’s of complex synth and sample sounds that form the foundation for the piece. The simple syncopated rhythm throughout adds a kind of binary sound to it. A computer-like texture enveloping the trombone lines of building harmonic complexity. Today is Memorial day, and I’ve spent…

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Harmonizing tune #4

This piece is starting to take shape. There’s a lot of trial and error. The concept is to evolve the harmonic complexity of the trombone lines as the piece progresses. There is a fairly simple syncopated beat threaded throughout. The trick is getting the sounds to blend and make sense with the trombone. This is…

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Tune #4

My original idea for this will be to create an interplay between trombone and sound textures. I’ll create a sparse beat and craft the body of the piece using a variety of sounds. I’ve been collecting sounds for 35 years, so it will be fun to go back and discover/explore my collection. I think I…

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Re-recording Reverence

Well, I’ve recorded my second pass at Reverence. I really like the phrasing on my original recording. Too bad the old A/D converter made the sound thin and tinny. Anyway, I’ve done a second recording and I think I like this one. I have 15 years worth of the original phrasing so I must get…

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I first recorded Reverence over 15 years ago and it’s always been one of my favorite pieces. It makes sense to include it on this CD, but I’ll need to re-record it since the original recording was done on an old analog to digital converter – a Digi002. Since then I’ve upgraded my A/D to…

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Spock’s Trombone

This is the name of the second tune. I figure that if Spock played trombone of course, he’d play alto, and he’d sound like this. Proving that you can find anything on the Internet, I found this image of Spock with a trombone. The piece is done, and I think it turned out great. I…

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